The Newest Birth Control Is A Microchip—But Is It Hacker-Proof?


We know if something can be hacked some jerk out there will probably do it.

There might come a time in a woman's life when she will go searching through her birth control options, and finds a whole world that seems like science fiction. Not into having periods? There is a birth control option for that. Prefer sticking something inside you and leaving it there for three weeks? There is a birth control option for that. But now there is a new type of birth control that might top all the others in terms of being "futuristic." It even comes with a remote control.

There have been contraceptive implants before, but this new one is an electronic chip that releases daily doses of levonorgestrel and can last up to 16 years. That's half the amount of time a woman is able to reproduce in her lifetime, and current implants only last up to five years.

So, what happens when you decide you do want to get pregnant? That shelf life seems like a long commitment. No problem, just reach for the implant's remote control and turn it off. Just like that, you can change the setting on your vagina like you can on your TV.

Sadly, you can't run out to get this new birth control just yet, but it's expected to be available in 2018.

One of the things they need to work out before releasing it is to make sure hackers can't access the Microchips, because as we know if something can be hacked some jerk out there will probably do it.

Could you imagine if an angry ex or someone else hacked into your Microchip so you'll unexpectedly get pregnant?! Oh, and the poor celebrities would get knocked up left and right after having their nude pictures hacked all over again. Good thing these scientists are so forward thinking!

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