The Truth Behind Whether Monogamy Really IS Impossible [VIDEO]

Love, Heartbreak

When it comes to love, is this generation doomed?

If we're being completely honest, being monogamous in today's age is pretty much becoming obsolete. With the hookup culture taking over, it almost seems as if less people are committing to relationships. We're not saying that anything is wrong with that (if your partner is cool with it) but it makes us wonder whether a monogamous relationship is too hard to maintain in with today's dating field. When you add infidelity into the mix, things can get pretty hectic.

So we have to ask. Is it really that hard for couples to be monogamous and remain faithful? Call us dramatic but it almost seems as if you can't turn on the TV without hearing about someone cheating on their partner—don't even get us started on those celebrity cheating scandals. When authors Charles J. Orlando and Lisa Steadman talk about whether or not monogamy is pretty much impossible, we couldn't agree more. Charles Orlando makes a great point when he says that "Monogamy is not a natural state of being. When you boil us down to our DNA, all we're here to do is to continue our species[...] but we should be able to move past these primal instincts." Two things that we really need to consider:

1. Are we jumping into relationships way too quickly?

2. Do we make our intentions as clear as possible?

Lisa Steadman touches on the fact that some people end up stringing their partners along by pretending to commit when they actually have no intention of doing so. And she's right. Instead of being dishonest, why not just be straight up about what you're thinking? Because at the end of the day, it's all about keeping it real and being honest about what you're really looking for.