It's Science: 6 Undeniable Benefits Of Free Birth Control

birth control pill

The benefits of offering free birth control are priceless.

While the debate about whether or not it's the government's responsibility to provide free birth control is one that won't be resolved anytime soon, the fact is that allowing women access to contraception is one of the smartest moves out there. No one, no matter their income, should be denied access to something that's not only going to protect them personally, but also contribute, positively to the economic state of the government. For those politicians who piss and moan about "freeloaders," they should realize it costs them far less to provide birth control to a woman, than financially support she and her baby for years to come, because her government didn't step up to the plate when it should have.

Sex is a fact of life. We all do it, and for those who can't afford birth control, it's our responsibility, as a society, to help them out. That's what a society does: helps those who need it. The benefits of offering free birth control are priceless. See why below.

1. Unwanted Pregnancies Are Reduced

It should really be a no-brainer that this is a major benefit of free birth control, but some politicians don't think so. If we don't have to contend with unintended pregnancies, we all win.

2. Abortion Rates Drop

Well, if unwanted pregnancies are reduced, then that in turn will lead to less abortions. Although having the right to choose when it comes to either carrying a baby to term or aborting it is a freedom every woman deserves, that difficult decision is one no woman should be forced to make.

3. It Allows Woman To Choose

When women are allowed access to free birth control, then they're allowed to choose when they're ready to have a child. How great is that? Having control over our own reproductive organs? High five!

4. Taxpayers Will Be Able To Quit Their Yammering

Do you know how much unplanned pregnancies cost U.S. taxpayers a year? $12 billion; not million, but billion with a big, fat B. Definitely something to consider for those high-rolling Republicans who want to keep their bucks in their pockets.

5. It Allows For More Effective Methods Of Birth Control

While condoms are great and all, and definitely work, access to free birth control gives women the opportunity to get the Pill, Nuvaring, IUD and other methods that require a doctor's visit. With 55 percent of women between 18 and 34 admitting that the cost of prescription birth control was a financial burden for them (and some insurances don’t even cover some of it), free birth control is a dream.

6. It's Not Leading To Risky Sex

Despite what some politicans assumed, a recent study proved that giving women access to free birth control didn't change their sexual behavior. Virgins remained virgins and those who were sexually active actually decreased their number of sexual partners. At the beginning of the study, 5.2 percent of the women had more than one partner, but that dropped to 3.3 percent by the study's end. Take that.