Man Who Loves Swiss Cheese A Little Too Much Is Arrested


Find out how the swiss cheese pervert landed himself in jail.

There are many fetishes in this world that seem weird to the general public. This one man, however, let his fetish get the best of him and landed him with charges for sexually harassing others because of his obsession with cheese … swiss cheese to be exact.

In Mayfair, PA a 41-year-old man named Christopher Pagano is suspected of driving around and exposing himself to bystanders. He asked if they would like to watch him put swiss cheese on his privates, and allegedly offered them money for the show.

Of course if you have to pay someone to watch you do a certain act then you probably should rethink the idea. Also in this day and age of cameras everywhere, someone will most likely entertain you only for a second so they can get a snapshot of your putting dairy on your junk — and someone did just that.

Pagano was questioned about the ridiculous crime and he denied all allegations. A woman however also came forward to say that Pagano sent her an OKCupid message last year asking her to wrap his penis up with swiss cheese in order to pleasure him. I think it's safe to say that she turned his request down.

See the picture of Swiss Cheese Pervert here: Chris Pagano, Alleged 'Swiss Cheese Pervert,' Arrested