Take This Poll To Find Out How Your Kissing Skills Stack Up!


We want to know.

So, we were hanging around the office the other day, and we got to wondering: how many people out there are good kissers? Yeah, we think about weird things sometimes. But it's all in the name of a good day's work around here.

Anyway, we wondered where the average man or woman (i.e. not porn stars) would rank in the realm of kissing? How would you rank your partner? More importantly, where would you rank yourself? Well, all that curiosity morphed itself into the form of a poll. And we want to hear from you!

Thanks for taking our poll! Your answers will help us form some very scientific conclusions…or at least put our curiosity to rest. And for that, we thank you. You have been most useful today.

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Now go out there and get your smooch on!