An App For That, Please: 9 Times You'd Shut Down Your BF's Phone


A brilliant mother named Sharon Standifird made an app that would be able to turn off her son's cell phone after installing the app onto her son's iPhone. Her reason for creating this app is to eliminate those frustrating times when her son is obviously ignoring her calls or texts. Once the phone is shut down, I'm sure he runs to the closest phone he could find to finally return his mother's calls.

While this is a good way to get a stubborn son's attention, it could be a good solution to get someone else's attention — like your boyfriend. Should he be afraid? Find out by reading the list below. 

During A Dinner Date
Come on, put the phone down and have a real conversation.
When Fantasy Football Starts

No more ESPN alerts. EVER.
During Sex
Yeah, there are some offenders who still let a call or Facebook notification interrupt sexy time.
While Watching A Movie
Give the movie a chance and you might get as into it as Phil!
When You're Trying To Fall Asleep
Gahhhhh! Turn that thing off!
When He Starts Texting That One Person You Don't Like
But before you turn it off you actually want to know what that person is saying ...
When He Tries To Snap A Pic Of You In An Embarrassing Situation

Not so fast.
When It's Been A Long Time Since He's Made Eye Contact

Hey, it's been a while...what's the color of your eyes again?
Whenever You Just Feel Like Pulling A Prank On Him
"What honey? Your cellphone turned off again? You gotta get that fixed!"