BFF Shopping Dates Are The New Retail Therapy

Girl's Shopping Date
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Shopping with your best friend could be the best therapy ever invented.

Retail therapy is a concept many of us are familiar with. You've just had a terrible day, and suddenly your mind turns to those heels you saw at Nordstrom last week.

A recent study concluded that 64 percent of women and 40 percent of men have used retail therapy in an effort to improve their mood. While shopping to forget your troubles may work to a certain extent, throwing your BFF into the mix is an even more effective brand of retail therapy. These four simple steps will show you how to have a successful BFF shopping date that will strengthen your bond and allow you to grow closer in your relationship.

1. Build up each other's confidence.

If your BFF is feeling down in the dumps, a shopping date will give you the perfect opportunity to tell her how wonderful she is! After a bad break-up or even a stressful week at work, a few compliments and affirmations from someone she cares about is guaranteed to make her feel like a million bucks. So, put on a mini fashion show for each other in the dressing room and don't forget to tell her how good she looks in those skinny jeans!

2. Consider your individual styles.

While you and your BFF are similar in some ways (otherwise you wouldn't be BFFs), it's very possible that each of you have completely different styles. One of you may enjoy a clean-cut blazer from Banana Republic, while the other would rather sport a studded leather jacket. That's why it's important to visit stores that the other likes, even if it may not be your cup of tea. Showing that you're willing to make compromises for your BFF is a thoughtful gesture that proves you care.

3. Be sure to listen.

You know those "friends" that take every opportunity to turn your troubles into a conversation about them? Don't be that friend! While you and your BFF browse the shelves at Kate Spade for the perfect work bag, take time to listen to what's going on in their world and do your best not to butt in with how their issues remind you of your own problems. If you take the time to listen to her, sh'’ll be more likely to be a reliable sounding board in your time of need.

4. Keep each other's purchases in check.

If you've never experienced buyer's remorse after making an impulse buy for the sake of lifting your spirits, consider yourself lucky. The likelihood of spending money when feeling low is one reason that having another person there to put your purchases into perspective may not be such a bad idea. You don't have to police your friend's spending, but when your BFF asks if she really needs another pair of brown boots, you might be the perfect person to make her reconsider.

These simple steps will turn a depression-fuelled shopping spree into a fun day out with your bestie, and will bring you closer together and help you both realize that sometimes the most important relationships in life aren't always the romantic ones.