Want To Have Better Sex? Try Splitting The Chores


The "Good Housewife" stereotype is so dead.

Once upon a time, the best way to keep the hot flame of love burning in your sex life was when the man came home, popped himself down on the couch, and asked his wife a very important question: "Honey? What’s for dinner?" Like any "good" wife, she would respond (with his favorite meal, no doubt), and bring it to him on a sliver platter so he could eat and watch the TV at the same time. Then, continuing her duties of being a "good" wife, she'd do the dishes, in between feeding and bathing the kids, and then, when she was good and exhausted, spend the rest of her night doing laundry. Ah yes, those were the days in which sex lives were really fantastic, because men and women knew the roles in which they belonged, and stayed there.

Eye roll.

A new study has found that households where the chores are split are "just as sexy as those in which one person does more of the housework." Apparently this new revelation contradicts a study published in 2013, a study to which there is no link, and therefore, I can't harp on how ridiculous it must have been. Either way, it's nice to know that things in my relationship are just as hot and spicy when my partner and I BOTH pitch in to keep OUR home clean and tidy, than if it was just one of us doing all the work.

It was also found that women who marry men who are not as educated as they are, are no longer at risk of seeing their marriage fall apart. Apparently, this disparity in education back in the day made those couple more likely to divorce. Maybe because the more educated women realized she had better things to do than clean toilets and pick up her man’s dry-cleaning? Perhaps?

Eye roll again.

But before we totally laugh off these studies and dismiss them as being archaic, they prove something very important: Relationships and marriages are evolving. What used to be the demise of couples years ago is no longer the case. Men and women are on the same level of the playing field in many ways and it shows in our relationships.

I don't think we really need a study to tell us that equality, whether it is in the splitting of chores or sharing of financial responsibilities, in a relationship is sexy and makes for a healthier and happier union. But I guess for some people, having a study to back up what we already know to be true, makes it all that more legit: "Honey? What did the study say?"