15 Women Confess Their Weirdest, Most BIZARRE Turn-Ons

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15 Women Confess Their Weirdest Turn Ons

You like what you like. There's no shame in that.

By Casey Gueren

We all have those strange little things we're attracted to that can turn our heads faster than Ryan Gosling walking into the bar. Maybe it's the way a guy laughs, how he stands with his hands in his pockets, or, um... his arm hair. Whatever.

The point is it's strange and it's random but you're totally into it. (And guys definitely have their fair share of weird turn-ons.) So we invited 15 women into the zero-judgment zone to spill the most arbitrary things that turn them on. Here's what turns women on, according to women. Let's get weird, ladies.

1. A nice, full beard

"I tend to find all men with beards attractive, but aggressive beards are my thing." —Tracey F.

2. Long eyelashes

“I like long eyelashes on a guy. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's something about the sensitive feature on a masculine man that turns me on.” —Kate S.

3. A man who knows how to garden

“Dudes watering plants. I like to know that they care about the Earth and can also take care of a living creature. It makes me think that they like to care of things (like me in the future?), and I'm sure there's some psychology thing in there that makes me think they would be good fathers.” —Annie D.

4. His back

“I love guys' backs (as long as they're not super-hairy). To me, it's one of the sexiest parts of the male anatomy behind a great smile.” —Ashley O.

5. Men who get manicures

"Guys who get manicures or at least take care of their hands. You can still be manly and have nice hands!" —Alex F. 

6. He's multi-lingual

“I find it really attractive when a guy speaks another language in front of me — but weirdly, it has nothing to do with assuming he's worldly or sophisticated. There's just something hot and mysterious about it, whether it's a romantic language or a clunky, aggressive one.” —Cassie S.

7. Hair

“I'm attracted to really hairy guys.” —Sharon P.

8. Long fingers

“There's nothing less sexy than a dude's hands being smaller than mine, and my hands are quite large, so it happens more often that you'd think!” —Sandra R. 

9. Dressing low-maintenance 

I’m way more attracted to a guy in a t-shirt than a guy in a nice, collared shirt. Not a baggy tee or something too tight, but a fitted t-shirt on a guy looks so hot.” —Anne G.

10. Having a little chubbiness

“I prefer a little bit of a belly on a guy — it's better for cuddling!” —Lynn S.

11. Strong wrists

“I like strong wrists. I saw a guy on the subway holding the overhead bar and realized that the thickness of his wrist was really a turn-on. There's just something super-manly about a hefty wrist.” —Malia G.

12. Imperfect teeth

“I'm really into guys with crooked or broken teeth.” —Rachel W.

13. Detached earlobes

“I'm really attracted to guys with detached earlobes. And guys who wear earrings. So, basically ears!” —Teresa S.

14. A nice belt

“When a guy is wearing a really nice belt — like a well-worn, leather belt with jeans.” —Leah F.

15. Well-defined calf muscles

“They don't need to be huge or extra-muscular, but I like significant calves.” —Sara K.

This article was originally published at Women's Health. Reprinted with permission from the author.