Sexual Women Aren't Dangerous — But Putting Labels On Them Is

sexy woman

Watch porn? Masturbate? A new study says you're probably hypersexual!

When was the last time you masturbated or watched porn? Be honest with yourself. A week ago? Last month? Yesterday? AN HOUR AGO?! If you answered, "yes" to any or all of the above, then you're a hypersexual woman … who's probably bisexual and you should get into therapy stat. All this time you were wondering exactly how you should define yourself in this world where labels reign supreme, and now you know. You're so relieved, aren't you?

A new study, apparently the first major one of its kind, looked into the sex lives of women who do it and do it a lot. Of the 1000 college students surveyed at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, it was found that thanks to such naughty things like masturbation and pornography, 3 percent of women fall into the category of being "hypersexual." Not just normal sexual, you guys, hyper. Basically, you're a promiscuous deviant and, as I mentioned above, you can only be saved by therapy, intense amounts of therapy, like maybe, an anti-sex camp or something. Yes, that should work.

Through 19 questions that asked about the frequency of which they had sex or masturbated, whether they ever used sex to deal with problems, or if their sex life interfered with their work or school, the researchers were able to deduce that hypersexuality is a legit problem for some women. Granted, it's only 3 percent of women, but it's safe to say that if we don't deal with this issue now, there's a good chance that percentage will go up to five, maybe six percent someday! And, before we know it, we could have 10 percent of the population running around being all hypersexual and spreading their beliefs and evil behavior! Or at least this is what I'm gathering from the results of the study.

The study went on to look at the possible difference between hypersexual men and these aforementioned deviant women, only to realize that results weren't exactly clear, although the behavior of the two groups were very similar. That sounds like some results to me, but I digress. However, what did seem clear, although subtly so, is that hypersexuality in men doesn't seem to be as "dangerous" as it is in women. Yes, I'm going there.

While the researchers did point out that it would be a challenge to "identify individuals who may require treatment, without falsely stigmatizing others and their 'normal' or nonpathological sexual behavior," it's disheartening that the concern seems more for women who might be afflicted, as if promiscuity (their words, not mine) and masturbation is just something that's OK for dudes, but not so much for us. Or maybe I'm just being hypersensitive?

Too much of anything can be bad for you. Thats just fact. But I fear that this mentality could allow for some to all-too quickly categorize a woman, who is just merely comfortable in her skin and embracing her sexuality, as someone who is "sick."

What's considered "excessive" to one person may be just the tip of the iceberg for others. Yes, addiction is real, but when it comes to things that are sex-related, it seems that "addiction" is somewhat subjective, and that's something we all need to keep in mind before we start putting people in boxes with labels.

Photo credit: weheartit.com