These Sia-Inspired Dance Videos Will Crack You Up

Sia Furler

Sia Furler is the anti-pop star who doesn't show her face and prefers to let others dance for her.

Up until very recently, you may not have known who Sia Furler, better known by the mononym Sia, is.

But you've definitely heard Sia's work, besides her new single "Chandelier," the video of which has inspired lots of dance video copycats, thus increasing and highlighting her profile.

Sia has penned major hits for pop stars like Rihanna ("Diamonds"), Beyonce ("Pretty Hurts") and Britney Spears ("Perfume"). She sang on David Guetta's smash "Titanium," and has played a part in countless others hits.

Sia is pop music's secret weapon and while she is releasing her new album 1000 Forms of Fear on July 8, she has zero interest in being a pop star herself. She leaves that job to people like Katy Perry and instead employs clever and creative methods of musical subterfuge for things like music videos, album artwork, live performances and magazine covers. 

Sia's album cover features her blonde, banged bob, which is her signature. Or her "wignature," based on this image: There is no face. She appeared on the cover of Billboard with a brown paper bag over her head. She revealed, while appearing on Howard Stern's morning radio show, that she has a contractual clause that stipulates that she does not need to do promotion for her own albums. She also shared the fact that she has multiple homes, thanks to the income generated by her hits written for others.

Sia clearly does not like to be seen. She is more comfortable in the shadows, cashing those checks for her talents. We can't blame her. She is the anti-pop star, which makes her so freaking fascinating. Oh, and she inspires frenetic, "dance like nobody is watching" videos. Her video for "Chandelier" launched tons of inspired copycats and Sia's performance videos leave us panting for more.

Here's a collection of videos featuring some of the craziest, weirdest, Sia-inspired dances, some of which feature Sia herself.

1. Sia does not appear in the video for "Chandelier." Instead, Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms is her mini-me, complete with a shiny platinum wig and all, rocking some seriously acrobatic moves.


2. Girls darling Lena Dunham, herself famous for not conforming to societal standards or outmoded beauty norms, donned a blonde wig and an all-white outfit and danced her face off to "Chandelier" on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Dunham definitely danced like nobody was watching.


3. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo tried to learn the Sia "Chandelier" dance themselves to mixed results. They donned the requisite wig and even asked Ziegler, 11, to help them learn to fly like a bird through the night and swing from the chandelier. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Or at least prepared to laugh your butt off.


4. Sia actually didn't rely on others to perform for her on Kimmel's show. She appeared and sang "Elastic Heart," but she did so with a twist. Duh. The singer was accompanied by clown dancers. Yes, clown dancers. Her back was to the audience the entire time. Is this a case of extreme stage fright or is Sia just refusing to give us what we want, which is a look at her face?


5. Sia also performed her song "Big Girls Cry" on Kimmel's show. She did so in the corner. With her back to the audience. While clowns did ballet dances and glided acoss the stage. Yep.


6. Sia also hit up Ellen's eponymous show to perform the song, with help from Ziegler. It was pretty much a recreation of the video on Ellen's stage.