Parents, Here's What You Don't Know About Your Intimacy Issues

parenthood increases bedroom intimacy

What else don't you know about how parenthood changes your relationship?

Have you ever wondered how parents really feel about their sex lives? We sure have! That's why YourTango and the makers of Trojan™ Lubricants have teamed up to launch "Confessions of Sexually Active Parents." For this unique editorial series, we surveyed over a thousand parents about the health and vitality of their sex lives. Some of the results are shocking, some are funny, some are even inspiring!

A whopping 78% of parents are reporting that their sex lives have greatly diminished since they became parents. Although sex and pleasure are still a priority to most parents, with 40% admitting that if given an extra hour each day, they would spend it having sex with their partner! (Time to invest in a babysitter, wouldn't you say?)   

It's no surprise that busy schedules (27%), the need for extra sleep (25%), and the kiddos always being around (21%) prevents parents from having sex as often as they'd like.  

"As a working mother, I was intrigued by the results of this survey. Trojan is smart to not only recognize the common pressures that befall parents with young children, but to offer up a variety of fun, easy ways to stay emotionally and physically connected with your partner as a parent," says Andrea Miller, CEO & Founder of YourTango.  "I have long advocated for being proactive in the bedroom, and making time for 'nap time,' as my husband and I call it!"

Thankfully having children facilitates a stronger bond and greater intimacy for many couples. Our survey revealed that 40% of parents are now better at communicating with each other and feel more comfortable expressing their wants and needs, and feel more connected to their partner because of it.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll roll out fresh stories that will feature everything you need to become a happy (and successful) sexually active parent.

"After children, many couples become better communicators, which makes it easier to be open about your wants and needs, whether it’s incorporating Trojan™ Lubricants or experimenting with a fantasy," said Logan Levkoff, Sexual Health Educator, Member of the Trojan™ Sexual Health Advisory Council and mom of two.

More than ever, this has proven that happy parents equals happy family and we're excited to let parents across the web know. We're also excited share a ton of revealing stats:

Before having kids, the parents surveyed reported that almost half were having sex as often as once a day. This number dropped drastically to once or twice a week after becoming parents!

  • More than half of our parents also said they waited 3-6 months before having sex after childbirth!
  • 68% of parents are also turning to lubricants to help them reach the big "O."
  • Almost 80% of parents are interested in exploring whatever it takes to make their bedroom lives more exciting.
  • This means that 56% (over half!) of parents have turned to sexting to help spice things up in their relationship!
  • This is positive: 25% of parents have sex one or two times a month.
  • It's true: 48% of parents' sex sessions last 10-20 minutes.
  • And 71% are interested in trying products that enhance pleasure and help them achieve the big "O."

But this data only proves they are still finding ways to get creative.

Proof: Parents have taken to using code words to build anticipation for their bedtime activities. Some common phrases have taken on a whole new meaning!  Submitted through the survey, we were introduced to hilariously memorable excuses some parents have been using around their family to get alone time:

  • "Back rubs"
  • "Business meetings"
  • "It’s time for us to go to the movies!"
  • "We need a little time out."
  • "We have to go to the doctor to get shots!"

These are just a few of the outrageous things we garnered from our parent readers. Check back with us all month long to learn more about this endlessly engaging topic - you never know what you’ll pick up! Meantime, please check out our infographic about all the wild info our readers shared in our survey.

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