The ULTIMATE Guide To Using Lube To Make Your Sex Wetter & Better

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The Ins and Outs of Lubricant

Here's the real scoop...

When I was starting out in my career, we always talked about lubes as a problem solver. Sure, we knew that people used lubes for fun, but the focus always seemed like it was on problem-prevention, rather than pleasure.

Thankfully, it's time to talk about how lubes can enhance your sex life, not just provide a "fix." So that being said, the days of clinical-looking, problem-solving, super-sticky personal lubricants are over.

And it's about time, because as we all know (or at least we should know) that lubes make sex better. Lubes are a sex accessory. And if sex was good for you before, imagine how good it could be now.

Many people think that lubricants are either for women who have vaginal dryness, have had a baby, or are menopausal. Guess what? That's not true. Lubes are used throughout our lives, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. And lubricants don't mean anything about you other than you like to have the best sex possible.


But if you're a novice in the lube department, you may be wondering, "How do I incorporate this lube into my sex life if we've never used one before?" Fair question.

There are two ways to tackle this: Do you want it to be a sexy surprise that hints at what's to come, or do you want to do some shopping together? There are benefits to both.

If it's a surprise, imagine how excited your partner will be to know that there's sex — good sex — in the near future. You can leave the package on his or her pillow, or on top of the nightstand.

If it's a joint shopping trip, you both get to choose the lube that whets your appetite. You get to choose the one that looks and feels most appealing. And consider how sexy shopping for sex products can be. It means that you have to talk about what you want your lube to do. You have to ask your partner if he or she wants continuous silkiness, or continued warmth, or long-lasting arousal. How do you want it?


But keep in mind that lubes aren’t just for partnered sex. Lubricants can be a great addition to solo sex. You can have a variety of lubes for any or all of your intimate experiences. There's no one way to use lubricants — there are many options, it’s just up to you.

Lube isn't just for intercourse, it makes for great foreplay, too. Rub some between your fingers and use it to stimulate yourself or your partner. You can put it on the clitoris, labia, the perineum (his or hers), anus, breasts — basically, you can use lube anywhere you’d like.

You can also use lube in place of massage oil. Put some on your hands and rub them together if you want to warm it up.


If you're using condoms (and many people should be), you can add some lube to the outside tip of the condom as well as inside the tip. This way, both partners benefit.

Lube is great for changing up your masturbatory routine. It can offer you a different experience, regardless of your partner status.

But of course, if you want to use lube, you're going to have to keep it handy. Think about all the options: your nightstand, a pocketbook, in a travel bag. Keep it accessible — you never know when you may want it.

This article was originally published at Trojan Lubricants. Reprinted with permission from the author.