Best Spot To Get Lucky On A Friday Night? There's An App For That

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If you're single and headed to Europe this summer, Twoo may be your new best friend.

It's finally summer, the season of vacation, relaxation, and — our favorite — the fling. And if you're heading to Europe, you know how hard it can be to find the best scene to meet someone tall, dark and handsome far from your home turf.

If only there was an app that showed us a map of the most popular places to get lucky … Oh, wait. There is. It's called Twoo, and it's probably your new best friend.

Created by a Belgian-based company, the new app uses heat maps to mark hotspots based on popularity and time in three singles-filled havens: London, Paris and Brussels.

Twoo creates interactive "Get Lucky" maps that remind us of weather radar charts — basically, you choose your city and drag a timeline to see the hotspots. Red indicates areas of high activity, while yellow is moderate, and green is light. You can even zoom to the street level if you're super dedicated.

So what's the most active place to be on a Friday night in London? According to data from Twoo's 11.9 million monthly visitors, it's Old Street in East London. In Brussels, it's Zellik in the north west of the city. Or if you’re in the city of love, Paris, you should check out the area of Chalelet.

Here are a few more hotspots in London based on the app's data:

  • Elephant and Castle at 10pm on a Thursday
  • Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd's Bush at 9pm on a Tuesday
  • Vauxhall at 11pm on a Tuesday
  • Hoxton at 2am on a Tuesday
  • Piccadilly Circus at 5pm on a Wednesday

So next time you take a stroll through a dreamy European country, strategize. You COULD grab a sandwich and eat by yourself, or you could hit up a hotspot at lunchtime and meet someone new.

If all else fails, get creative by visiting surprising places to meet someone: a soccer match, a book signing, or even skydiving.

Now that you’ve got the tools, all that's left to worry about is making sure this fling runs smoothly, which is, of course, easier said than done. Check out these super helpful tips for a refresher. Hint: Keep the conversation light and don’t expect to hear from them again (unless you play the game so well you can spin this brief rendez-vous into a full fledged relationship). If only there was an app for that.