Not Tonight, Honey: 40 Percent Of Men Would Skip Sex For This?!

no sex tonight

Once again the myth that men are always trying to score is busted!

Not a soccer fan but your partner is? Bad news: you might not be getting much action until the winner of The World Cup is announced, all thanks to a poll from Durex. You may be shocked, but it turns out that a surprising amount of men will much rather put on a jersey, go to a bar and root for their favorite team than have sex with you. This probably won't be a problem for couples who will be painting their faces in their team's colors together, but partners who are more inclined to sex will probably have to wait until after July 13th for more intimacy.

The poll found that 40 percent of men will refuse sex in order to watch a game. They also found that 42 percent will also try to finish quickly so they can return to watching the match. Something that will help your chances in getting your sports lover to participate? Letting the TV stay on during the act! That's right, 37 percent would suck it up and have sex if they're also able to watch the game during the act. How romantic!

We decided to go out and see what makes The World Cup so much better than sex. Here are three reasons why they claim it's worth turning down sexy time.

1. "The World Cup is special because it doesn't happen often."

"It's simple. The World Cup is once every four years. Sex is always available," says Michael S.

"The World Cup takes over my life because it happens only once every four years. Sex is something that will always be there," says Miah M.

Another guy disagrees saying he won't put soccer before sex, but he understands why other men do.

"I wouldn't say the World Cup is better than sex. I can see why people say that though. It only comes around every four years and it is one of the biggest sporting events in history," says Ethan B.

2. "A win is more powerful than an orgasm."

Needless to say, our following fan really romanticized the sport.

"Soccer, at least, international soccer, is better than sex because when you score in sex, at least one, MAYBE two people are satisfied. When you score at the international level of soccer, a whole nation becomes satisfied. The tense, exciting buildup of sex is far out passed by the tense building excitement to the final whistle in a World Cup elimination game. And the euphoria of sexual climax doesn't hold a candle to the pure top of the mountain elation of winning the championship of the world's most popular sport, putting your name in front of the eyes of billions on televisions and in history books. I've never had an orgasm do that," says Zach S.

3. "The World Cup brings so many people together."

Of course sex does bring people together but not on the scale of The World Cup, according to Jose.

"The World Cup is better than sex because it's an opportunity for everyone to unite and wear their colors proudly. There aren't many other things out there that bring people together like the tournament," says Jose D.

Is the World Cup better than sex? Tell us what you think in the comments below.