'Fifty Shades' Friday: Trailer Delays, Rita Ora Drama & More!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Entertainment Weekly as Christian Grey and Ana Steele from '50 Shades Of Grey' for the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' movie

Rita Ora has more drama than the 'Fifty Shades' books, a star admits she auditioned & trailer news!

Rita Ora's love life is more dramatic than Christian Grey and Ana Steele's relationship in Fifty Shades Of Grey! A quick Rita Ora romance update: She reportedly split from Calvin Harris because she got too cozy with Justin Bieber ... but it's recently been revealed that it was actually Bieber's BFF, Khalil Amir Sharieff. Phew, got all that?

Well, the plot thickens: Ora, who stars as Christian Grey's adoptive sister, Mia Grey, in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, wasn't totally convinced that it was over with her then-boyfriend, producer, DJ and singer Calvin Harris (with whom she released "I Will Never Let You Down"). That is, until Harris announced the split on Twitter!

Harris wrote, "To address speculation — myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best."

A source told The Sun that Ora was hoping they could work out their issues, but apparenty Harris wasn't havin' it. "Rita was left embarrassed when he tweeted that it was all over," an insider said. "She didn't think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked." Another source said, "Rita was a little mortified that Calvin tweeted about the split but she's just getting on with things ... She has been with Khalil but who knows how long it will last?"

The source continued, "It was Calvin's decision to end the relationship. They had been arguing for months and had grown apart. She was constantly posting snaps of her with other groups of friends and her trip to Mexico and photos of her with Khalil were the final straw. Calvin likes more privacy than Rita and he hated the extra attention that came with being her boyfriend."

That hurts almost as much as getting rejected for a role in Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Who did that happen to? 

A pretty little starlet revealed that she auditioned for a role in the Fifty Shades Of Grey flick: Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale!

Looks like Dakota Johnson outperformed her for Anastasia Steele, but that would have been pretty awesome to watch, right?

In other Fifty Shades Of Grey movie news, some bad news for fans: the 50 Shades film won't have a trailer until September! What happened?

The MPAA reportedly has a new rule that prohibits movie trailers from being shown more than five months before a movie's release date. Since the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie release date isn't until Valentine's Day 2015, if that rule is indeed in effect, we won't get a glimpse of Christian Grey (played by Golden Torso hunk Jamie Dornan) in motion until September. Boo!

On the bright side, EL James did tease a bit from the movie on Instagram. Here's hoping this quenches some of everyone's Fifty Shades thirst!