7 Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls


Yeah, we went there.

So you think that inflatable dolls are limited to sex games? You couldn't be more wrong! Here is the definitive list of alternative uses for sex dolls. One suggestion, though? Don't try any of these at your in-laws' house. That's a conversation you don't want to have.

1. Having an extra "person" for the HOV lane. Just pray you don't get pulled over. That's a tough one to explain.

2. As a flotation device, in case of an emergency landing. Sure, you might get a few strange looks from other passengers, but since you're all floating along in a large body of water, I think you've got bigger things to worry about.

3. As a dinner guest. A few people bailed on your dinner party? No biggie! Whip that gal out and pour her a drink.

4. To distract your dog. So Fido has a bit of a problem in the leg-humping department. That's okay, because the addition of a plastic friend should keep his focus sufficiently off of you.

5. As a date at the movies. Okay, so you might need to carry him or her in, but it's worth it to have someone to sit next to in the theater.

6. As clothing. No, I’m not kidding, and this isn't just come crazy lady's wild idea. There is actually a Dutch artist named Sander Reijgers who is recycling old blowup dolls into windbreakers and the like.

7. As an adverting aide. Who could forget Angus Dean, the 47 year-old Brit who borrowed a friend's inflatable lady to sell his VW Gold on eBay? His friends certainly won't let him forget that one anytime soon.