A Horse And Cat Have A Mutual Crush, And It Is Precious


This is some next-level love right here.

Prepare yourselves, we're about to drop a cuteness bomb on you.


Okay, here we go. When Jennifer Boyle of Yorklea, Australia brought home Morris, a black cat from a rescue shelter, she could never have imagined the love affair that would bloom at her home.

Morris was initially shy around the other animals, but when Champy the horse approached and began grooming her, Morris fell in love.

"Champy was very gentle with Morris and had an understanding of how small he is," Jennifer said. "It was really Champy's persistence on becoming friends with Morris that started their friendship.

Then, one day, Jennifer was doing the dishes when she looked out the window and saw something incredible: Morris riding around on Champy's back. "I've seen Morris riding Champy around for hours while Champy eats grass and grazes about the paddock,” Jennifer added.

This is too precious for words (try as we might to do them justice). Just bask in the adorableness of these photos.