Second Date Denied: 13 Women Reveal Their Clothing Dealbreakers

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Ladies share the clothes that just aren't going to fly, from Hawaiian shirts to cargo pants.

When it comes to getting dressed, men have it easy. There's no makeup to apply, no high-heels to endure — not to mention that they're blissfully unaware about the torture of squeezing into Spanx. That being said, there are absolutely no excuses for these clothing dealbreakers!

Read on for a list of threads that won't land you on a second date with these 13 ladies.

1. Be Aware Of Your Club Attire

"When I asked the guy I was on a date with about what was in the Express bag he was carrying, he told me it was, 'A shiny shirt for clubbing!' No."  - Vicky, 35

"Button downs which magically come completely unbuttoned by the end of the night are a dealbreaker for me. I guess you think that showing off your shaven chest is cool? It's not."  - Ariel, 19

2. Make Sure Your Footwear Is Appropriate

"I would never date you if you approached me wearing sandals and jeans. You might as well write 'tool bag' across your forehead. In my mind, the only guy that can get away with it is my dad — because he's my dad, and because I at least stopped him from wearing those velcro sandals and made him switch to flip flops." - Brianna, 25

"Our date is over if you show up in sneakers. J's, Van's, and Converse are all tolerable, but wearing big bulky running sneakers any time when you aren’t actually running just make you look like an uncool dad a la Danny Tanner. Even Obama can't get away with it." - Krystal, 25

3. Wear Clothes That Fit

"I dated a guy who was shorter than me, and with his small frame came his small clothes. He was into the whole 'punk emo scene,' which I guess required tight clothing both on top and bottom to fit that bill. Let's just say when he lifted his arms, his midriff was exposed. After a few failed attempts at planning dates to the mall in hopes of getting him to try on some clothes his size, I had to call it quits. Definitely a dealbreaker." - Alexis, 26

"For me, the biggest dealbreaker is poor fit and poor maintenance! Clean and well-fit is not difficult guys. Clothes should not be baggy and droopy, even if you are a big man." - Mariana, 35

4. If You're Going For Comfort, Wear Something That's Actually Comfortable

"I cannot stand when guys wear those jeans that have the acid washed lines in them to make them look 'worn' in. It's a turnoff. You don't look comfortable, you look like you're wearing designer jeans you paid way too much for and should be paired with an Ed Hardy t-shirt. Unless you're meeting Jon Gosselin for a beer, that's a no-go." - Nicole, 20

5. Your Funny T-Shirt Isn't Funny Anymore

"No grown man's wardrobe should include a t-shirt that has a saying on it with a type of alcohol, a woman's body part, or a bodily function, since you are obviously not hanging out in a college dorm room or a dive bar on campus. It's time to donate those." - Jessica, 29

6. Change Your Shirt Every Now And Then

"I met a guy online, and he talked to me for a few days. The night before we met (without asking) he sent me a selfie in bed. The next day we met at a cafe and he was wearing the same t-shirt in the picture from the night before ... that he clearly wore to bed. And it had deodorant marks on the side. Total winner." -Carly, 26

7. Hawaiian Shirts Are Awkward, Even If You're In Hawaii

"One of the worst clothing items for men is Hawaiian shirts, when they're not on vacation (actually, even when they are!). These loose fitting, button up t-shirts with bright prints on them, including images of motorcycles, fish, birds, etc. are so odd and unflattering. I think guys think they are fun and summery, but they make me cringe." - Chelsea, 30

8. Cargo Pants Are Not Dress Pants

"My turn-off is when guys are underdressed at a nice event. When guys show up to a wedding in khaki colored cargo pants and any collared shirt, they think they're dressed up!" –Kari, 29

9. Crocs.

"Crocs. Always a no go." - Abigail, 25

10. Keep Your Team Spirit To Yourself

"Sports paraphernalia. From your high school or college teams. If you're 30, it's time to toss out the HS football jersey!" -Katka, 27

What are your clothing dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments below.