The Med Student Auctioning Off Her Virginity Reveals Her Identity

woman in scrubs

Another student joins the virginity auction craze, but will it cost her career?

Higher education is already pretty expensive, but if you are majoring in something that will take much more than the average four years then you should be ready for some hefty college loans. One med student, however, has a certain financial plan that will definitely help cover some of that cost, but is certainly raising a few eyebrows. This blonde 27-year-old plans on auctioning her virginity on a website.

This certainly isn't the first woman to do such a thing, but the fact that she is a med student is surprising. At first she hid her identity by hiding her face from photos and dodged questions that would reveal who she is. Now the med student is revealing who she is by doing an interview with the Huffington Post.

Find out what the top listed bid for her virginity is, why she tried hiding her identity at first, and if the med student feels that her medical career could be threatened by the bold move by clicking the link to the article below.

Read the interview here: Med Student Auctioning Virginity Faces Critics