8 Annoying Pickup Tactics We Are So Over

stalked woman

The starer is probably the creepiest.

Leah Green, a producer for The Guardian recently created a viral video in which she harasses men in the ways that women are typically harassed on the street. She goes up to guys complimenting their asses and asking if they'd like to go home with her, making them uncomfortable in the ways that women are made to feel on a daily basis.

In honor of that, we've created a little list of some of the more common ways in which guys talk to girls. Most of you ladies will have encountered many, if not all of these pick-up tactics multiple times. Guys, check to see if your approach is on the list — if so you may want to get a new one.

The Starer

Have you ever felt someone's eyes just laser beaming a hole on the side of your face? This guy is the creeper who sits across the room, and just stares at you in what I'm assuming is supposed to be admiration. Giving a girl the sexy eye prior to the approach is a welcomed tactic. However, staring at her with no intention of saying anything comes off as extremely creepy.

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