Want A Better Sex Life? Make Him Take His Cholesterol Meds

man taking medicine

A new study finds statins may help men have stronger erections.

So perhaps your man has been having trouble getting erections in the heat of the moment. This could be quite an uncomfortable situation and even a hit to your sex life — to the point where you are thinking about asking him to take erectile dysfunction drugs. Well, if your man has a crappy diet and has high cholesterol then you might want to put him on cholesterol-lowering drugs instead to knock to birds with one stone.

That's right, a new study done by Cardiovascular Institute of New Jersey at Rutgers University's Robert Wood Johnson Medical School found that anti-cholesterol drugs, known as statins, may help men have stronger erections.

This effect is smaller than those done by Viagra-like drugs and it may be barely noticeable to men. In 14 studies it was found that statins increased erectile function by 25 percent (more if the man changed his lifestyle through weight loss and testosterone treatment). Compared to impotency drugs like Viagra, statins improve erections only a third or half as much, but it gives hope that future studies will find a way to make anti-cholesterol drugs more appealing for men who also struggle with getting it up.

So if your man is already on anti-cholesterol drugs then make sure he takes them regularly and starts working out to increase the effect.

Who knows, you may not have to wait for further research to see some results?