Why Abstinence Could Be Right For You

woman sleeping alone in bed

Have you ever found yourself fibbing to friends about the seriousness of a casual fling? Amping it up because you feel just a little bit uneasy about being single? What if you've taken a breather from dating or sex altogether, but find yourself gossiping about flirtations that happen in your daily life so you feel "with it" amongst your relationship-obsessed sidekicks? You can be honest. So many of us have been there. The question is, why?

When I first heard of Sophie Fontanel's book The Art of Sleeping Alone, I couldn't believe the memoir's premise. A senior fashion editor at French Elle bares a very personal history that includes 12 years of celibacy. For Sophie, even when she was happy in a relationship, she still felt as if sex was on someone else's terms, and she didn't like it. So she stopped.

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