'Fifty Shades' Friday: Oprah, 'Once Upon A Time,' Songs & More!

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

You won't believe what Oprah wants Christian Grey to do in the '50 Shades Of Grey' movie!

Happy Fifty Shades Of Grey Friday! We've got good news for those of you stoked for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie: Filming is slated to wrap on Sunday, Feb. 23 — which means the trailer may be coming soon!

Sources say that the steamy saga is actually ahead of schedule, so a teaser may be on the way. And apparently part of why it ran so smoothly and so quickly is because everyone on set truly got along. In fact, Anastasia Steele herself, Dakota Johnson, gushed to Vanity Fair, "It's been a very smooth and fun and creative experience. I think going into something like this, you kind of have fears of what it could be like and none of those fears are happening. We all get along really well and the crew's amazing. We're just all trying to make this project the best it can be."

Someone else who's into the best of everything is Oprah Winfrey, who revealed just what she wants the Fifty Shades flick to be like: filthy! The talk queen told press that she's excited to see her friend, singer Rita Ora, in the film as Mia Grey, Christian Grey's adopted sister, and that she has high hopes for the raunch factor. "I know Rita and I know Fifty Shades Of Grey — and I just can't wait for the movie," Winfrey said. ''I've read the book and I just hope the movie is filthier than the book. Less talking, more action!'' Talk about a big O, eh?

Maybe Johnson can talk to Winfrey, mother to us all, about her role in the movie, because, well, she can't talk to her own mom, Melanie Griffith, about it much. She blushed, ''I think that I would love to have [my parents] experience it with me, but I can't really do that, just because of what it entails. I talk to them more about problems with my landlords. That's my talking point with my family.''

Meanwhile, British chanteuse Ora is reportedly working on a song for the Fifty Shades soundtrack, but don't expect it to sound like her hits "How We Do" or "R.I.P." She explains, "There is such a different vision for the movie to my own music, so there is a specific kind of vision for that soundtrack."

As for Christian Grey's side projects, Jamie Dornan was tapped to reprise his role as the Huntsman, Sheriff Graham, in ABC's Once Upon A Time, but his Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Fall filming schedules made that nearly impossible. Executive producer Edward Kitsis said, "He's a friend of ours, he's a friend of the show and unfortunately, this year, he goes right from the movie to The Fall, so there was no [time]." Fellow executive producer Adam Horowitz added, "His part was always conceived as that seven episode arc in the first season ... with the hope we could bring him back here and there as we've done."

Aw, they sound sad. Maybe they need a hug from another Christian Grey. Here's where they can get it!

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