New Reality Show Alert! 20 Men Compete For Woman's Virginity

Catarina Migliorini
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She started off auctioning her virginity online, and now she will be a reality show star.

So you may remember a story about a certain Brazillian college student named Catarina Migloiorini, who tried to auction her virginity multiple times and has failed. Well this last auction was also a dud, but only because she is getting a deal she has probably been hoping for all along — a reality show!

That's right, the college student's third auction did not get the happy ending the wealthy bidders were hoping for. (Especially one who offered to put a ring on it). The young college student extended the auction probably to see if she could do any better. And now she has.

There's Something About Catarina will be aired in Brazil. They're still in the casting stages, and have online applications for contestants. Of course the winner of the show will get the chance to jump in the sack with Catarina (well hopefully), but it seems like there is also another sweet prize ...

Find out what the winner will receive here: No Climax For Catarina Migliorini's Virginity Auction

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