Love Bytes: The Real Reason He Won't Commit To You Already

couple fighting

Plus, possibly the most traumatizing version of 'Wrecking Ball' you'll ever watch.

Is it a classic case of commitment-phobia or is he leading you on? It's a classic love quandry, but one guy seems to have the answer. And he explains why putting a ring on it will only make you feel worse. (A New Mode)

TMI! Porn legend Ron Jeremy (aka "The Hedgehog") did a parody of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and it's just as gross as you would expect it to be. (Huffington Post Weird News)

The unspoken rule of the internet is this: if it exists, then there's porn of it somewhere. Well, we humbly suggest these five types of porn should be made (if they don't exist already, that is). (Em & Lo)

Tired of waiting around for a ring? Here's the story of a woman who made her fiancé wait 43 years before tying the knot! Talk about playing hard to get. (HLNTv)

Do dress to impress ... but not too much. What to know for your first speed dating sesh! (Cupid's Pulse)

Bike-riding, city-dwelling couples, rejoice! Here's a list of the 14 best space-saving bike racks (so creative, some could pass for art)! (HiConsumption)

It's never easy to end a relationship, but what do you do when your ex won't let you move on? Ask a guy and find out! (A New Mode)

If you've got it, flaunt it? These 15 celebs can't stop getting (nearly) naked on Instagram! (The Gloss)

Brrr! A GIF-filled presentation of how to not dress like an idiot in the cold — Sundance edition. (Blisstree)

We already know what women want, but what do men want? These five key ingredients are guaranteed to transform you into a Nelly Furtado-level maneater. (A New Mode)

Singer Bruno Mars is set to perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, but did you know the NFL has chosen opera singer Renee Fleming to belt out the national anthem? Brava to the NFL for diversifying their musical guests! (Bleacher Report)

"Free Tractor Rides" concludes reason number 6 in this list detailing why you should date a farmer. 'nuff said. (eHarmony)

Celebs make it look so glamorous — but do you? Check out these 8 style icon trademark looks that work, well, only on these 8 style icons. (The Gloss)

Girl Power! Teen lingerie brand Aerie is refusing to retouch their models in this new ad campaign. (College Candy)

How do you get to the bathroom in your wedding dress without bringing the entire guest book with you? Find out here before it's too late! (SheFinds)

Ready for your "aww" moment of the day? The bond between this abandoned cat and dog will make you feel all lovey-dovey inside. (Celebzter)

Johnny Depp and ... Naomi Campbell? Check out this list of 12 celebrities who took the express train to Splitsville. (SheFinds)

News Year's resolutions, shmoo year's resolutions. Why any time of year is the perfect time to start improving your life! (Cupid's Pulse)

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