Jesse Csincsak's Shockingly Honest Advice To Juan Pablo Galavis

Jesse Csincsak and wife Ann Lueders

"Don't do it for less than $300K," Csincsak bluntly advises future stars of 'The Bachelor.'

This season's The Bachelor premiere had it all: a crier in the corner, a fake-out pregnancy, an awkward massage, and some hilarious tweets courtesy of former contestants of the series and its counterpart, The Bachelorette.

However, one former contestant who prefers to keep mum on the subject is Jesse Csincsak, who proposed to DeAnna Pappas on season 4 of The Bachelorette. (We all know by now their four month engagement didn't play out like a fairy tale love story. The couple split in November 2008, and Csincsak wed Ann Lueders—a contestant on the thirteenth season of The Bachelor—in 2010. The following year they welcomed son Noah Theodore and a daughter is set to arrive this March. Pappas went on to wed Stephen Stagliano—whose brother Michael was a Bachelorette contestant—in 2011 and she's now expecting her first child.)

But once upon a time, pro snowboarder and Bach nation alum Jesse Csincsak lead the charge of opinions, complete with a weekly web series titled "Reality Smackdown." So why the zipped lips now?

"I was tired of being bullied by Mike Fleiss and his producers for telling the truth about the show and how it does not enrich lives as it appears … but makes it tough to find a job and can have a ton of negative effects on one's career/life," Csincsak candidly tells YourTango.

So, no shock here, Jesse won't be watching the latest installment of The Bachelor, which follows Latin hottie Juan Pablo Galavis' search for love.

Still, Csincsak does have a little advice for America's new obsession: "Don't do it for less than $300K, as the show makes millions off his face in only three months … I just wish I could get each contestant in a room prior to agreeing to film with this show and explain to them what was about to happen."

YourTango: You and Ann appear to have such a strong, happy marriage. What advice do you have for Bachelor or Bachelorette couples about making it work once the cameras are gone?

Jesse: Stay out of L.A. and the limelight. Every marriage has its own set of challenges without a camera crew and the media involved.

YourTango: Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! How is Ann feeling?

Jesse: Ann has had a rough go of sickness with the pregnancy, but we are excited to have a beautiful daughter join our family.

YourTango: You were hoping for another boy; are you warming up to having a little girl now that the due date is approaching?

Jesse: I think every dad wants boys, but I am excited to have a daughter.

YourTango: Is Noah excited about getting a new baby sister?

Jesse: He keeps saying, 'Baby, baby, baby' pointing at Ann's stomach.

YourTango: Are you and Ann planning to watch Sean and Catherine's wedding on Jan. 26?

Jesse: Negative; we are both so busy with our businesses. Ann owns three clothing boutiques called Cashmere and Coco … and I own a property management company called Colorado Home Check that manages homes from Breckenridge to Vail to Aspen, Colorado.


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