7 Amazing Wedding Apps To Get You Down The Aisle


Yeah, there's an app for that.

There are apps for everything these days, including wedding planning. From budgeting needs to gathering photos for the ultimate album, the tech world has you covered. Here we've rounded up the seven best apps and services for all your wedding planning needs for you and the one you love. Enjoy!

1. Lover.ly – Think of it as a giant, bridal Pinterest (not that there isn't enough bridal stuff on Pinterest already). They aggregate every trend imaginable, and even do "Best of" roundups.

2. Gracious Eloise – Okay, this isn't technically an app, but it is a service you can't do without. Gracious Eloise is a site that lets you type "handwritten" notes (say, for invitations and thank-you notes), and then they print and mail them for you. No muss, no fuss, no wasted cards due to bad handwriting.

3. Cozi – This family-oriented app is the ultimate scheduler, allowing you to keep track of the multitude of appointments that abound in the days leading up to your wedding. The best part is that you can sync the calendar with anyone you want, so no one has an excuse for missing that rehearsal dinner!

4. AppyCouple – This nifty site allows you to actually build your own wedding website and invite-only, downloadable app. This way, everyone from your family to the wedding party to 200 guests can be kept appraised of dates, times, dress codes, and gift registries, just to name a few features.

5. WeddingWire – This app, and its associated website, will cover all your bases, from managing your budget to finding local vendors and reviews on all things wedding.

6. Eversnap – Looking to gather all of your and your guests' photos in one place? Just have everyone use Eversnap. This useful app allows you to compile everyone's pics and videos into one album.

7. Wanderable – Everyone knows about gift registries. But now you can register for your honeymoon and crowdsource funds for you dream trip, and this is the app that helps you get there!