What Happens To Us When Love Dies?

sad woman
Love, Heartbreak

"Love is radiance beyond all previous limits."

"Falling in love is like staring into the sun and finding that instead of blinding you it illuminates you, and all of a sudden you went from being blind and then you can see. It's the moment of feeling like you are complete for the first time." So says Jason Silva of Shots of Awe, and it makes you wonder. What happens to us when we lose unconditional love? When the person that was supposed to love us through everything dies, at least symbolically? As Silva goes on to say, "Love is getting caught up in something larger than yourself." With the death of the relationship, this thing larger than ourselves, goes the promise of unconditional love and the feeling that eternity is in your arms. In "Love, Loss and Symbolic Death" Silva examines these questions, and so much more.

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