Love Bytes: The Cutest Version Of 'Snow White' Ever

You've Never Seen The Love Story Of Snow White Like This Before

Plus, some of the worst wedding photos ever to surface on the internet.

Once upon a time, there was a photographer who sought to do a photoshoot with the cutest real-life princess of them all, a 3-year-old little girl named Jayci. In this ethereal woodland photoshoot, they recreated the love story of Snow White. And the prince who came to her rescue? Jayci's pit bull Sasha. The photos prove it — this beats Disney's version any day. (Huffington Post Good News)

It's a week 'til Halloween and you're still without a costume, right? This is the only makeup tip you'll need — and it's effortlessly sexy! (xoVain)

Earlier this week, Kanye West rented out San Francisco's AT&T Park to pop the question to his girlfriend and baby mama, Kim Kardashian. So what are some of the other craziest, over-the-top celebrity proposals we've seen over time? (The Daily Beast)

What are creepy strangers doing on the internet? Is there proof that online dating really works? And should be buy another sexy Halloween costume this year? It's all here! (The Gloss)

If you're unattached, then so is your wallet! But when laws tend to favor married couples, does being single really pay off? (Glo MSN)

8 lies your parents told you. Like "wait an hour after eating to go swimming" ... does that one sound familiar? (Guyism)

You thought your wedding photos turned out bad? Trust us, they could be worse. This gallery should make you feel better. (The Chive)

We hate to break it to you, fellas ... but we could really do without some of your favorite between-the-sheets moves. (The Frisky)

Most awkward wrong number ever? People who phoned in annoyed with the noise coming from San Francisco's Nike Women's Marathon this weekend were accidentally directed to call a phone sex hotline. Whoops. (Huffington Post Weird News)

He used to text you back on a dime, but now it takes days for your man to respond ... or you've been dating for awhile, but he says he "just can't commit right now" to a relationship. You're dating dilemma is probably more common than you think, so find the solution to it here. (A New Mode)

You have the perfect menu put together for date night this weekend, but you forgot one crucial dish — dessert. Don't panic! We have an array of delish fall recipes. (Relish)

Beauty tips for date night! (The Gloss)

Are you and your SO itching for a romantic fall getaway? Here's how to make some fast cash! (Money Living)

10 of the biggest Halloween candy fails each year. Like, seriously ... did you like getting raisins as a kid? Let your son or daughter indulge in their sweet tooth for one day. (Guyism)

If your blind date tonight has one of these names, chances are he's probably hot. (The Gloss)

There's a dating site for Trekkies. (To each his own?) (Divine Caroline)

Your boyfriend doesn't want to live with you ... here's why. (A New Mode)

Asking "What's your sign?" never seemed like a hot pickup line, but you can let the cosmos decide what sex position to try based on the twelve zodiacs. (Blisstree)

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