Love Bytes: No Ovaries? No Problem. You Can Even Get Twins.

pregnant angel

Plus, why wife is NOT a bad word.

As one miracle child to another, looking good, lil fella(s). My mom was told she was infertile after my sisters but a woman in Brisbane (in Australia's Queensland state) had her ovaries removed due to cancer BUT science stooped in and impregnated her with twins. Super-interesting read. (WetPaint)

Great! You and your new guy had sex! Terrible! He's withdrawn! What do you do now? (ANewMode)

You probably have some intuitions about sex that are going to bite you on the butt in a very non-sexy way. Here are the top 5. (Om Times)

Let's not blame garlic breath on your bad sex life … but it could have to do with your soup. These 9 foods may be holding your groin down. (iVillage)

Practice. Practice. Practice. The 10 best masturbation scenes in cinema & television. (

As we mentioned, men fantasize about a woman paying for dinner. When a woman in London refuses to pony up, her date confiscated her mobile as recompense. Their next date was with a pair of cops. (Huffington Post)

Are you still in love with your ex? Yeah? What are you going to do about it? (The Stir)

Great! You have a boyfriend! Terrible! Stress is making him withdraw! What should you do about it? (ANewMode)

Hey, ladies. "Wife" isn't a four-letter word. Fine. It's literally a four-letter word but it's not a BAD word. (TheFrisky)

Need a little advice about love and sex? Come 'n get it. (

Oh boy. What do we (you) really think about one-minute man? (BroBible)

How Facebook AND losing 140 pounds AND a selfless attitude helped one fella start his matchmaker business. (Huffington Post)

Check out this incredible magic card trick that might double as a VERY special day in a couple's life. (The Berry)

What is a fella's P-Spot and what are YOU going to do about it? Note: bring wet wipes. (Em & Lo)

And 10 outstanding ways to totally wreck your relationship. (OM Times)

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