Love Bytes: Is Your Dude Too Young For You?

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Plus, do guys like it when you hit on them?

Cougars are big now, right? Right. Dating younger dudes is great in theory but what if a guy is a lil too emotionally immature to date you? First, take advantage of those great abs for a few weeks THEN take inventory of these several signs. Also, adults can play video games. (Glo)

Yikes. If Nudey Tube feels a little stale in the next few weeks, it's because the San Fernando Valley has shut down porn production amidst a positive HIV test. We can all agree that testing positive for HIV is a serious negative. (Huffington Post)

From the "yeah, we're as weird as y'all are" files comes this question: "why does he only act interested when I'm distant?" Hard-2-git. (ANewMode)

And given the Bradley (Chelsea) Manning conviction and sex change plan revelation, military prisons may need a new policy on gender. Yeah, "oh boy" is about right. (TheDailyBeast)

Politely smiling and demurely looking away DOESN'T EFFING COUNT! Are you comfortable making the first move? (Essence)

Well, fellas, she's dropped the pretense and broken that ice like a polar on a pogo stick; how do guys really handle a gal hitting on them? (Good Men Project)

And now for everyone's second favorite sex-related Truth game (behind Never Have I Ever)… Would You Rather! (

While, "look really good into your 60s," would tide most of us over, Helen Mirren has even better love advice than that for her hypothetical daughters. (The Gloss)

In the same way that mom jeans really show your age, it turns out that your mom's genes dictate HOW you age. (Wet Paint)

Heading off to college? Here are 10 tips to make sex more than tolerable. Try holding hands, I guess. (Em & Lo)

Can you get a guy back after he's dumped you? Um, uh, I mean, crap, next question … (ANewMode)

What do you get when you combine a 60-pound flower girl, a boozy full-figured bachelor and a traditional wedding bouquet-toss. Yep, exactly. (Guyism)

And this one photo perfectly sums up the feeling of teenage love (or actually how any of us feel when the oxytocin bites us in the pleasure parts). (PopHangover)

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