Love Bytes: 7 Yucky Things Couples Do (In The Name Of Love)

couple toilet paper

Plus what if her sex drive outpaces his ... by a lot?

Sure, you call each other "shmoops" and put your hands in one another's back pockets and it nauseates the lot of us. Let's not even get started on the weird, weird bedroom stuff. But there are 7 truly, truly yucky things that some couples do out of love. Editorial note: there is no amount of comfort that condone sharing a bathroom whilst one of does seat time. (The Stir)

It's ladies who are always pumping the brakes, right? Nope. What do you do when he's "meh" and she's "gotta have it"? (Essence)

Dayummmm. A letter from a father to a daughter: "I want you to have a great sex life." (Good Men Project)

Is saying "no" to hooking up with a couple when you hear it in stereo? Find out what happens when swingers really want you at Disney. (The Gloss)

D'ya like Community (or possibly the podcast Comedy Bang-Bang)? Then take this breakup advice from Gillian Jacobs. (You should read it either way). (The Frisky)

Um, thank your lucky stars that you won't get pregnant? Oh, what to do when a guy does the other kind of withdrawing. (ANewMode)

I could only think of unlimited Playstation… and 10 OTHER reasons dads miss being single. (Glo)

10 ways to keep your long-distance relationship chugging along without sexting. OK, some sexting. (College Candy)

"Here's, um, like a sandwich. You should eat it." Evidently, thin women are being bullied now too and society doesn't seem to give a rip. (The Daily Beast)

Be very, very careful if you expect he (or she) has a frail heart. 10 sexxxy surprises for your lovvver. (Wet Paint)

What do you do if he doesn't call like he says he will? Please don't do a montage of "Why Do You Build Me Up Buttercup?" with your 8 closest friends. Or make it short enough for a Vine. (ANewMode)

"Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just happy to see… oh." John popped paying for prostitute with rolled up change. (Huffington Post)

Need the skinny on sex and/ or dating? Holler at our buds. (The Gloss)

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