5 Killer Date Night Ideas For All You Shark Week Freaks

Shark Week 2013: 5 Date Night Ideas

... if you can pry yourself away from the TV.

If you're like millions of other couples across the country, you've already dedicated date night to the last day of summer's most beloved TV tradition: Shark Week.

On Sunday, the Discovery Channel's annual deep sea dive into the world of sharks premiered with a record 4.8 million viewers tuning in — proving that people are still obsessed with these beasts of the deep (maybe even a little too much). (But hey, it's totally normal to dedicate hours and hours to watching a fake Megalodon stalk prey around in the ocean, right?)

Well, if you and your fin-atic SO can pry yourselves away from the TV screen for a few hours, we have a few date night ideas to celebrate Shark Week the right way.

1. Cook Up A Fish-tastic Feast

Feeling carnivorous? Since sharks seem to love treating us humans like an all-you-can-eat buffet, it only seems fair that we should get a bite out of them too. If you're looking for a new dinner recipe for date night, try grilling up a couple of marinated shark steaks. They're delicious enough to sink your teeth into. And for dessert? Top 'em off with a tasty treat: Shark Cupcakes.

2. Dive Into The Deep

What better way to see these underwater predators than up close and personal? If you and your date are daring enough, jump into a shark dive at your local aquarium or offshore waters. You'll be submerged into murky waters swarming with giant, menacing tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and even great whites (Albeit, you have the option to be safely locked in a cage the whole time — don't worry, date night is supposed to be exciting, not crazy!) If that doesn't spice up date night, nothing will.

3. Walk Through A Shark Exhibit

Still, if a face-to-face dive is a little too intense for you, you can always view them behind glass at your local aquarium. If you're a real shark-lover, make a
roadtrip to Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey, which boasts the biggest collection of sharks on the East Coast! There, the two of you can stroll through their Shark Realm Exhibit to see nurses, zebras and great hammerheads swim overhead in a 40-foot long tunnel and polish up on your shark trivia with the exhibit's sea-life experts. Oh, and did we mention that they even offer a discount in the spirit of Shark Week? Admit it, that's a pretty jaw-dropping deal!

4. Help Save The Sharks

If you're both real fin-atics, you understand the dire threat to these predators of the deep. As scary as sharks seem, they have a bigger predator: us. Of the 80 shark attacks reported worldwide last year, only seven were fatal. Compare that to the almost 100 million sharks that are killed each year and you'll have a sudden sense of clarity about how we tend to over-exaggerate their ferocity. If you and your significant other are conservation-minded, adopt a shark together! It will leave you both feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and it may inspire you to even eventually join a research trip to aid in the shark-saving effort.

5. Host A Shark Movie Marathon

Heart-pumping blockbusters like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea will have you clutching to each other on the couch, and more LOL-worthy flicks like Syfy's Sharknado will have you clutching to your sides with giggles. While you're watching, make a drinking game out of it! Whenever a shark attacks an onscreen character or the ominous "dun dun ... dun dun" music kicks in, throw back a shark shot (a vodka-infused blue jello shot garnished with a gummy shark). And hey, if you're that hard up on ideas for what to watch, you can always fall back on a special from Shark Week, right?