Love Bytes: Does The Other Woman Deserve Sympathy?

the other woman

And 10 signs your relationship is coming to a close.

It's really easy to demonize the other woman. I mean, she should be forced to tattoo a scarlet letter on her forehead and be shot with a crossbow. Or is she just another confused soul trying to make it in this crazy world in which the rules sometimes stop applying? Can you sympathize with the other woman without looking like a chump? (Madame Noire)

Here's a story of two skanky ladies looking for two equally disgusting guys. Mother-daughter porn team looking to match up with father-son duo for what seems like should be called The Aristocrats. (Huffington Post)

What happens when your friends don't dig your new guy? (eHarmony)

Some people fake orgasms. Some uppity types find this to be problematic. (College Candy)

And that is how the other half lives. How a lady can get out of ye olde friend zone. (ANewMode)

Could these be the 13 most embarrassing things that could happen during sex? If not, they have to be pretty close. (The Gloss)

Real talk, relationships aren't as cut-and-dry as everyone has made you believe … (ANewMode)

Though you're an atheist, you are seriously contemplating the seminary and 10 other signs that your relationship is on the way out. (Tres Sugar)

Evidently, some people think that we shouldn't make men feel guilty about their sexual yearnings and proclivities. Good luck in that culture. (Good Men Project)

I'd say, "call him." What else you can do if a guy you dig take 4EVER to txt bck. (ANewMode)

And this woman thinks has done her fiance a favor after hearing the song lyrics, "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife." (TheFrisky)

In case it's that time of the month, here's a complete guide to menstrual cramps. (You're welcome.) (Gurl)

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