Love Bytes: A Guy's Take On How To Find Real Love

couple kissing on the beach

Plus, 10 simple ways to save your relationship.

Done with flings, hookups and dating the same type of guys over and over? One guy shares his best advice on how to find true love. One tip? Make sure you're ready for love in your life. (A New Mode)

Showering together, waiting until after dinner to turn on the TV, and 8 more ways to save your relationship. (The Frisky)

Fan of puppy love? (Who isn't?!) Watch out for this guy using his pooch to get ladies. (Bro Bible)

Glamping? Again? The bachelorette party traditions you never realized were so ridiculous. (TruTV)

And you thought you did stupid things when drunk-arguing with your partner? Then you haven't heard about the guy who chopped off his penis. (Huffington Post Weird News)

There's a speed dating event that only allows women under size 8 to participate. (BlissTree)

Meet someone online? Here are 5 things you need to ask your online date. (eHarmony)

Cats and dogs are great, but here's why you need to start loving sea lions. (Huffington Post Good News)

Thought you had a good prom date? See the 7 best, ever. (Ranker)

29 things you wish your boyfriend would wear. (The Berry)

Nope, sexualized breastfeeding isn't appealing to anyone. (WetPaint Moms)

10 outdoor dates for summer lovin'. (TresSugar)

Want him to start chasing you again? Here's how to do it, according to a dude. (A New Mode)

"Come over and cuddle," and more lies women tell just to get laid. (The Gloss)

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