How Different Are Men And Women Really?


Five of our experts tackle this long-debated question.

Twenty years ago, John Gray's best-selling book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus got both sexes talking about whether we are, in fact, all that different. So how are we different—biologically, psychologically and emotionally—and how do those difference affect our relationships with each other?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman poses the question to YourTango Experts Lesli Doares, Randy Nathan, and Morrisa and Richard Drobnick.

"In relationships, we have very different emotional needs," says Richard Drobnick. "A primary emotional need for a woman is that of feeling cared for, feeling special. On the other hand, one major need for a man is to feel appreciated. A man wants to feel he can make a difference in his woman's life. All of the things that (traditionally over hundreds of years had a purpose and a meaning that made a woman feel appreciative of a man [are] all gone. Men and women are equal ... but we're just different."

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