How A Trip Down Memory Lane Can Ignite Your Sex Life

couple on memory lane

Bonus Challenge: Use nostalgia to heat up your sex life.

Want to recreate that intense passion from the early stages of your relationship? Take a walk down memory lane. Here are a few ways to bring back those glory days.

- Reenact your first date. Visit the place you first met. What were your favorite things to do back in the day? Talk walks? Listen to jams? Get ice cream? Go skiing? Shop together? Cook together? Hang out in study hall? Time to relive those hot moments when you (literally) couldn't keep your hands off each other and you dreamt of being together under the sheets!

- Play hard to get. Take some time to actually miss each other, like you did when you first met and didn’t yet have a relationship routine. Try not talking to each other for a full 24 hours, and then planning a whole day for you two to share together.

- Pull out nostalgic mementos. Think of all the fun, sexy, endearing things you did together and for each other. Did he wrote you a love letter? Did you write one to him? Pull them out and read them to each other! Or consider making a little scrapbook of your relationship experiences.

- Start using those old pet names. Hey, Shmoopy … did you two have cutesy nicknames for each other back in the day? Start using those again in private; it’ll bring you closer together.

- Tease each other. You have to be willing to laugh at yourselves! Laughter will bond you two together again reminding you of how far you've come and why you fell for each other in the first place. So go ahead, make fun of that silly habit he has, or point out one of your own little quirks.


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