Anti-Depressants Killed My Wife's Sex-Drive. What Do I Do?

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YourTango Expert Nancy Philpott shares tips to make your partner happy in your relationship.

Is your wife or husband depressed? Is it starting to hurt your marriage and sex life? If so, help is on the way.

In this video, author and YourTango Expert Nancy Philpott explains that if your spouse struggles with depression, you are not alone. In fact, 25 percent of women are on anti-depressant medication. "The way you're feeling is very natural," she says. "When someone you love is depressed, one of the things they do is pull away from you. I'd like to tell you—first and foremost—that it's not your fault so don't take it personally." Depression is a hard thing to cope with as a couple, but she offers suggestions on how you can get your spouse excited about the relationship again.

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