The Right Move: Judge Orders Plan B To Be Available For All Ages

Woman at drug store

The morning after pill will soon be more accessible.

Women throughout the U.S. are rejoicing as monumental change has been brought about on Capitol Hill in the battle for more accessible birth control and contraceptives.

A U.S. District Court has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to overturn previous restrictions requiring women under 17 years of age to obtain a prescription to access emergency contraception. The pill, also known as Plan B, is now available to all women, regardless of age. The new legislature also requires it be put in more stores, not just in pharmacies and clinics. Now the question is, was this the right move?

I think yes and as it turns out, others agree. "This landmark court decision has struck a huge blow to the deep-seated discrimination that has for too long denied women access to a full range of safe and effective birth control methods," said Nancy Northup, president and CEO for the Center for Reproductive Rights. "Women all over the country will no longer face arbitrary delays and barriers just to get emergency contraception." Plan B One-Step will now be available for purchase  to all women at most pharmacy counters.

Women no longer have to bare the stress of wondering whether or not they're birth control failed or jump through hoops to access emergency contraceptives; This is especially important for younger women who are more likely to be afraid or ashamed and not know where to turn.

Some may argue that more access to emergency contraceptives promotes unsafe sex, serving as a quick-fix. However, it's important to remember that emergency contraceptives such as Plan B One-Step are not abortion pills; women only have a small window in which to take such contraceptives in order to be effective.

While this legislature is monumental, it is only a small step in the right direction and much more reform must be made. I'm excited and hopeful for the future of women's rights legislature.

How do you feel about Plan B being accessible to women and girls of all ages?

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