What We Can Learn From Vermont About Sex

Vermont state sign

Vermont lovers were recently ranked as having the best sexual health in the country.

Vermont is one of the most free-wheelin' states when it comes to sex. Not only are they pretty damn open in their sexual practices and desires, but the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health ranked Vermont as number one in the country for sexual health. When it comes to STD prevention, low teen pregnancies and above average low sexual violence, Vermont wins hands down. They also have the lowest rates of cervical cancer and AIDS in the country, with extra easy access to emergency birth control and abortions. Basically, when it comes to sex, sexual awareness and reproductive health, Vermont has it in the bag.

A recent sex survey found other categories in which Vermont could teach the rest of us a lesson. Vermont loves monogamy with fifty four percent sticking to just one partner in a calendar year; self-love was also a winner, with just over thirty three percent indulging in masturbation a few times a week. When it came to loving their bodies, physically and not just manually, sixty six percent of Vermont folks admitted that they love their bodies. It's not as high as it could be ideally, but still higher than the norm. Keep reading ...

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