What We Can Learn From Vermont About Sex

Vermont state sign

Vermont lovers were recently ranked as having the best sexual health in the country.

People in Vermont aren't shy about bringing toys into the mix either. From an inflatable Justin Bieber doll to kitchen utensils, Nutella, LEGOs, sex swings, riding crops, and even the handle of a razor (she cited that the "contours are heavenly"), nothing seems to be off limits for this group of kinksters.

Manners also seem to be alive and well in northern New England. Almost seventy two percent of respondents said they "always" keep going to make sure their partner comes if they happen to come first. Anal sex is also being explored with more than half enjoying it, and some have even put vegetables up their ass. Sounds, um, deliciously fun? And, of course, BDSM is also in the bedrooms of Vermont, but thanks to the poorly written book of which I will not name, that should be no surprise. Housewives everywhere got a wake-up call to their sexual senses after that trilogy.

And what all of this came down to, the commitment, the freedom to explore, the honesty and the rest of it, was communication. Of those surveyed, sixty five percent said face to face communication was the best way to keep everyone happy and healthy when it comes to relationships and sex.

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So non-Vermont dwellers what is the lesson to be learned from the Green Mountain State? Openness and experimentation are key to a happy sex life; communication helps to prevent cheating, STDS and unwanted pregnancy, and lastly, you haven't really lived until you've inserted a phallic-shaped veggie in your ass. Yes, these are the lessons we’ve learned. So head to the produce department of your favorite organic grocery store and get crackin'.