Paula Deen's Positive Weight Loss Helps Family Get Healthy

Paula Deen

She's passing down her new healthy habits!

Living with type two diabetes, chef Paula Deen always struggled with her weight. In 2011, she decided to finally do something about it—and was an incredible influence on her family. She even claims that her grandsons "would chose a carrot over a cookie!"

By doubling up on greens and cutting down on carbs, Deen was able to lose 40 lbs. So, 300-lb. hubby Michael Grover also decided to make a change. Because of his weight, he was forced to decide between knee surgery or weight loss. Choosing the second choice, with help from his doctor and a healthy diet, Grover dropped 60 lbs!

The parents weren't the first in the family to take the healthy route. Years ago, Deen's son Bobby struggled with his weight. "I didn't look or feel good, and I decided to get in shape," he told People. "Exercise changed my relationship with food, and I began to search for a balance."

Now, they're the healthy family! In addition to shows, cookbooks and TV shows, they've got line of fresh and packaged food products to come out this Spring.

Sometimes, Deen can't believe her family is so healthy now! "If it wasn't for the fact that they love butter so much, I'd question if they were really mine."

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