NHL Lockout Over: How It Affects Carrie Underwood's Marriage

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

What is she most bummed about when it comes to hockey seasons starting back up?

After 113 days, hockey fans are ready to celebrate! The NHL lockout is over!

So was Carrie Underwood excited for her Nashville Predator husband to hit the ice again or was she bummed to go back to being a hockey wife?

Well, lucky for Mike Fisher, it's the first. The Blown Away singer took to Twitter, of course, to express how happy she was to see her hubby back on the ice, but of course, how much it sucked to not have him there to be a handy man—and we don't mean with electronics.

"Well, folks, hockey is back!" she Tweeted Sunday. "I just lost my purse holder but gained cheering on my hot husband as he kicks butt! #GoPreds."

The 32-year-old hockey player is so excited to get back on the ice, too. It's nice to finally be able to put this behind us and we can finally start thinking about hockey again," he wrote on his website. "It's going to go by really quickly, and before you know it the playoffs will be starting."

When the playoffs hit, you know what that means. It's beard time. In true tradition, the players grow out all of their hair for the duration of the playoffs. Last year, Underwood told People magazine that she likes her man with some stubble but, "it's probably going to get out of hand."

We're looking forward to watching Underwood cheer on her man!

Tell us: Could you be a hockey wife?

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