Richard Gere On Being A Silver Fox & A Sex Symbol

Richard Gere

At 63, Richard Gere still impresses women, and it's with much more than just looks!

Not dyeing his grey hair was one of the best decisions 63-year-old Richard Gere could have made in Hollywood ... even if it means he gets fewer awards than George Clooney!

Gere has spent four decades in Hollywood and has been in over 50 films throughout his career. The '80s were a great decade for Gere as he established himself as a sex symbol in Hollywood. Despite all of his film making, though, he has never won an Academy Award. So, will his role in the new Nicholas Jarecki film Arbitrage get him the Oscar? One can hope!

In the film, now available on DVD, Gere played a troubled Wall Street tycoon and has received a lot of attention and praise for the dimension he brought the role. He opened up to CNN recently and shared some insights on Hollywood, life and love. He revealed that things like power, money, and beauty don't matter to this man — and that's sexy.

"I know a lot of actors and directors who seem to get darker hair every year, and mine gets more paper white all the time," Gere laughed. "But I'm very glad I made that decision, and it seemed to work out." We're glad he's one man that opted not to change himself in the name of Hollywood.

With regard to his famous affect on women, it's compared to his on-screen role. "It's like my character in the film; look at the package of this guy — that car, those suits, the haircut, the mistress, the way he moves," he explained. "In the end it's all meaningless. There are some core issues that we all go through. It doesn't matter how poor or rich or whatever, if you've done that kind of internal work that can open up genuine doors to selflessness — which is the root of some kind of happiness that is real and that you can hold on to. That's the point."

So, while beauty is righton the surface, Gere knows it's so much more than that. "Look, I've been married to two of the world's most beautiful women, and I never remember them looking in the mirror and going, 'Oooh, you look good.' It's all relative."

Those two beautiful woman are supermodel Cindy Crawford who Gere was married to from 1991 to 1995; and actress Carey Lowell who he married in 2002 and has a gorgeous son with.

Gere has a calm approach to life that has come with growing older. "While you're focused on trying to make something happen, you're missing out on so many other things around you," he said. "So I think in my own case the process of maturing is to just be more open — to feel the whole thing."

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