Do Men Cheat Because They Feel Pressured Into Monogamy?


Does the pressure to commit actually lead men astray? Find out!

Why do men cheat? Are they hard-wired to be unfaithful or do women drive them to it by pressuring them too quickly into committed relationships?

In this video, sex therapist, marriage counselor and YourTango Expert Melissa Fritchle explains that while there is a lot of pressure to commit in our society, the problem arises when monogamy is assumed instead of explicitly decided. "Relationship agreements are personal," says Melissa, and so every couple should consider and discuss what it means to them. Do not just assume that the two of you are monogamous just because you two have been on several dates. Discuss the relationship fully so that there are no questions about whether you are monogamous or not. If you two are officially together than there is no excuse for him to be seeing other women because he is with someone. If he does not want to only date one person then you cannot force him to do so. If you try to force him it will only cause heart ache for you. Just talk it out, this will be the best decision you can make at this point in time.

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