The Naked Truth: Men Know More About Cars Than Sex

Men know more about cars than sex

A new study finds only half of men can identify parts of their own anatomy.

For as much time as guys spend thinking (19 times per day) and talking about sex — it turns out, they might not be so well acquainted with their penises after all.

The Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor surveyed 1,500 men and found that 90% could find a car's oil dipstick but only half were able to name and identify parts of their own anatomy. Strangely, when asked to find key sex organs, one in 12 thought they were in the ear.

Only 6% of participants knew the common causes of erectile dysfunction and a third (wrongly!) believed it was caused by wearing tight jeans. 

Sure, this seems a bit surprising, since it feels like guys have had their hands down their pants since middle school, but what does it say about their knowledge of sex? Are men less informed than women?

Since the study just looked at men, it's hard to say how women would fare on a similar test. But I do think they'd be more familiar with their sex organs than men— or at least not think parts of the vagina are located on our heads. And, maybe we were paying more attention in sex ed, but women are also more comfortable discussing sexual health. Come on, even we knew his skinny jeans weren't the problem.

Ever have a boyfriend ask you what's wrong when you're headed to the doctor's just for a check-up? Just like many men won't ask for directions until their lost in the middle of the desert, many won't go to the doctor unless something's broken. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that men are 80% less likely than women to use a source of health care regularly.

So maybe some guys don't have as much knowledge about sex as they make it seem — and it could easily be affecting what goes on in the bedroom too. One thing's for sure though, your car won't be breaking down anytime soon.

What do you think? Who knows more about sex: Men or women?

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