4 Incredible Love Lessons We Can Learn From Cooking

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Blogger Rebecca Hart of "A Mouse Bouche" says that the recipe to love is a lot like cooking.

I'm one half of the team behind the food blog, A Mouse Bouche, which I have been co-writing with my sister Megan ("The Mouse") since 2007. We are not food professionals, we are working artists who love to eat, love to cook, and love to talk about eating and cooking. Although we write about food and share recipes, we think of it more as a blog about life... through the important lens of snacking.

"Show me what you eat and I will show you who you are." -Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

I always knew that we, as a family, find it impossible to relate without talking about food. What I didnʼt know until I started blogging is that it's almost impossible (at least for me) to talk about food without without talking about relationships. Food itself is language. I looked up the word "communicate" when I sat down to write this, and one of its definitions is "to administer the eucharist." There you have it. The very word itself means to feed someone wine and crackers. Boom. 

Anyone who's ever kept a food journal while dieting knows that writing something down is a good way to make it conscious, and anyone who's ever kept a journal at all knows that writing regularly about anything over time is likely to cause you to learn about yourself. In this way, blogging has improved my love life by enabling me to see its progression... one recipe at a time.

"They talk of a 'love life,' donʼt they? Do you know the phrase, 'love life,' as if somehow this thing ran under or beside as if you stepped from one life to the other? Banality to love, love to banality. No, love is in the cooking and the washing and the milking, no matter what." -Howard Barker, The Castle

Anyone here ever read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? In it, she makes you write "morning pages" for like five weeks, and then she has you go back and read all of them with a highlighter at hand "to mark insights gained and lessons learned." Well, I went through our blog with my mental highlighter and here are some lessons that I found:

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