Lock Your IPhone! Daters Think It's Okay To Snoop Through Texts

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One-third of Americans believe it's okay to read their partner's private text messages.

Bad news: Americans have serious trust issues.

Of course, that's a broad statement, so allow me to elaborate: We don't trust our partners, which leads to snoop through their cell phones as a result. One-third of Americans believe it's okay to read through a significant other's texts and emails if "bad behavior" is suspected. Bad behavior likely constitutes cheating, flirting, illegal activity, etc., but it could also be as silly as "Did he forget my birthday?" What's even worse: More women (37 percent total) than men (29 percent) think snooping is okay, perpetuating the nasty stereotype that ladies are much more jealous and suspicious than guys.

These shocking statistics come from a recent survey of over 2,200 American adults conducted by OurTime.com, the largest dating site for singles aged 50 and older. The goal of the survey was to see what folks would and would not compromise in order to make a relationship work; sadly, it's clear that privacy is on the table. But what justifies the right to snoop?

Let me be the first to say that yes, I have snooped before. All it led to was further trust issues, taking away the "surprise" from a birthday party my then-boyfriend was throwing, and feeling self-conscious about myself in my relationship. But you know what? That likely would have happened anyway (minus the surprise-ruining) because our relationship was already so compromised.

The reality is, if you have issues with jealousy or trusting your partner, reading text messages isn't going to help; it will likely do more harm than good. Rather than playing 007 with a cell phone, try talking to your partner and expressing your feelings like they used to do in the "old days" when text messages and email didn't exist.

And if you think your partner is snooping, turn on the passcode feature (if your phone has it).

Do you read your significant other's text messages and emails?

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