How Your Mattress Can Ruin Your Sex Life


Find out how the type of mattress you own directly impacts your sex life.

Most financially-savvy Americans are proud of themselves for saving a buck. Whether they use coupons at the dry cleaner or have been driving the same car for 12 years, many consumers pat themselves on the back every time they find a way to cut costs. On some products, however, those savings can backfire and cost you more than you realize.

It would be hard to argue that there are few things more essential to everyday contentment than sleep or sex. One activity gets you riled up and fills you with energy, while the other allows you to shut your mind off and relax. (I'll let you determine which is which.) But the ways you've saved money may be hurting your time in bed.

An Old Frame of Reference

Admit it: you've probably been milking your old mattress for all it's worth. It does the job, and all of the foam is still intact (for the time being), but is it really getting the job done? Your old mattress is serving as your frame of reference, so you have nothing to compare it to. As your backaches increase in frequency and you more often hear yourself uttering, "Not tonight, I'm tired," you make excuses for your bed. You think it's not just your sagging, aging mattress, but likely your sagging, aging body: surely it’s your bones and joints, right?

If you tried a new type of sleep surface, like a hybrid mattress, you'd be able to compare and feel the difference. People complain constantly about their beds, from the lack of bounce to the nighttime heat. Even people within the mattress industry complain about memory foam mattresses and their limitations. But we never talk publicly about these issues. The fact is that different surfaces react differently—and mattresses play a huge role in the bedroom.

Old-School Tactics Don't Cut It

It's ironic, in an age where advertisers use sex to sell everything from cars to cologne, that bed experts won't address it. If anyone has a right to talk about how sex factors into the use of their product: it's the mattress industry! In part, we avoid talking about intimacy in our advertisements because we have a more traditional customer approach. We try to establish a comfortable, relaxing relationship with our clients, since they associate those two traits with our products. We also have an innate fear that we're so close to sex that it’s a dangerous topic to address.

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